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I grew up in the Mid Sussex area and moved into Haywards Heath in my early 20’s.  I worked for many years in Insurance and Insurance claims.  This is where I gained an interest in dealing with people. In one of my roles I worked under a department manager and would often oversee the department in their absence, I believe this is where I gained the skills to keep calm under pressure.

I knew I wanted to use the skills I had gained, however I wanted to find a role in which I felt I could make a difference, so I trained to become a Driving Instructor.

I qualified in 2006, and after a brief spell with a local driving school I decided to become an independent instructor and up until 2017 I was Ray Driver Training, often becoming known as the instructor with stripes!

Peter Ray - Driver & Instructor Trainer

The instructor with the stripes!

Upon preparing for my ADI standards check in 2017, I was offered the chance to join a national driving school. My role quickly developed into regional team leader and trainer, my days were often spent in and around different parts of the UK.  This is where I could see that power of positive thinking can lead to getting the results needed.  Concentrating on the positive aspects rather the dwelling on the negative.  

Earlier in 2020, I had made the decision to use the new coaching skills I had gained and venture out again as an independent instructor/coach/trainer; so in May 2020 I become Peter Ray Driver & Instructor Trainer.

When I am not in the car training, I like nothing better than spending time with family or being able to enjoy the vast Sussex countryside.


I am a football fan and when it comes to the game my playing days are over, however I feel it is safe to say I am a better instructor than I ever was a footballer…!

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