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Covid-19 has had a significant impact upon driver training. The risk is very real and although driving lessons can resume from the 4 July 2020 it is necessary for me to provide you with more information in the way of updated terms and conditions. The idea of these updated terms and conditions is to lower the risk.

Social distance rules are impossible to observe in the training vehicle due to the confined space and others using the vehicle. Therefore, I am unable to guarantee that you will not catch Covid-19 from receiving training. 
We know that Covid-19 is extremely contagious and in certain cased it can lead to death. To minimise the risk to all I shall be: -

  • Washing my hands before leaving for lessons

  • Using hand sanitiser before/during/after training

  • Ventilating the car

  • Sanitising the training vehicle, paying attention to areas that have been touched between training.

  • Using a non-contact infrared thermometer to check mine and client's temperature. 


I have the right to wear a face mask if I feel it's suitable for me to do so or if required by law.

What can you do?

  • Consider if you or a family member is vulnerable - decide if training is necessary currently.

  • Inform me as soon as you can if you or anyone in your house has been exposed to Covid-19 (I will do the same).

  • Answer truthfully questions that I might ask you before training about any exposure to Covid-19 (please feel free to ask me the same questions).

  • Wash your hands just before leaving for your training. Have your own supply of hand sanitiser.

  • Be prepared to wear a face mask or covering.

  • Avoid paying in cash, pay online. Alternatively payment can be taken using a card reader at no extra cost to you.

  • Avoid having personal objects in car. Suitable storage will be offered for objects that are necessary for you to bring.


Without any charge to me or you, I reserve the right to cancel training if it is suitable to do so. 

If you sign or respond that you agree to these additional terms you are taking full responsibility for the risk that you may be exposed to covid-19; therefore you will not take any action against me or claim for any negligence. Where necessary I may share your details with the relevant sectors to help in the fight against covid-19.

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