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Driving Test Centre

Car Park Etiquette

I just wanted to give you my thoughts about Driving Test Centre etiquette. The day of a driving test can be as stressful for the instructor as it is for the student.

I normally get to the Centre around 5/8 minutes before the test and enter the car park no earlier than 5 minutes before the test. This takes into consideration if your student may need to use the facilities.

By the time of the Driving Test, I know that my student can park. I have a conversation with them when I pick them up and we discuss how they feel about parking at the Driving Test Centre. Some are happy to do so, and others want me to park. I should add, if I see the car park is extremely busy or for any reason, we might be late, I will park and allow my student to head into the test Centre.

If the car park is busy, don’t add to the congestion. Wait for others to finish before heading in; consider the pressure you could be placing on your student and the other driver.

On arrival, search for a suitable space; avoid parking directly next to another car if you can, this makes it easier for us and the Driving Examiner.

When exiting the vehicle, be aware of others; avoid walking directly behind another car or having a conversation with another Instructor in the middle of the car park.

At the end of the test, when your student passes, I know it’s great to get a photo. As good as Burgess Hill MPTC is, I rarely take a photo there as I want a better background. I don’t want to get in the way and more importantly, I want to consider the feelings of those that don’t pass.

Leave the Centre promptly; don’t stay on site longer than you need to.



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